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Al Abdulla

Introducing the next Reality: Boston

Discerning the will of God can be hard. It sometimes involves a lengthy, difficult process. In this message, pastors Britt Merrick and Al Abdulla discuss the scriptural and prophetic call on Reality to birth new churches and unfold how they were led to begin the step to birth Reality Boston in 2012.

God Wrote a Book

Psalms 19

Why should we read the Bible? Isn’t the Bible composed of spurious writings, compiled by men of centuries long ago? Drawing from Ps 19, this lesson examines the nature and the power of the Bible from an apologetic lens. How can a book written centuries long ago be alive & sweet to the reader today?

Understanding God's Story

Luke 24:13

What’s the story about anyway? Although sincere, many people, religious or not, read the bible from an inaccurate vantage point, leaving them disappointed with life & God. Using Luke 24, this lesson focuses on the central theme of scripture and explores how you can read the Bible through a Christocentric lens.

Reading God's Story

Acts 8:26-39

How am I supposed to read the Bible? Similar to following a road map to reach the end of your journey, this lesson seeks to give you practical tools & guidelines for reading scripture through a proper hermeneutic.

Applying God's Word

James 1:18-26

What now? After giving attention to the Bible, what difference should it make in my life personally? How can scripture change me? Taken from James (1:21-25), this lesson takes a practical look at scripture reading and meditation.

Jesus I love, The Church... Not So Much

Ephesians 1:22-23

Given the disenchantment and discouragement that many have experienced from the church, why should we remain so committed to the church? Isn’t it enough just to say that we love and follow Jesus? In this sermon, Pastor Al Abdulla examines Ephesians 1:22-23, and discusses how we should view Jesus’ Church.

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